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For the One in Need of a Good Night's Sleep

For us, there is simply nothing more luxurious than the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. In other words: a good night’s sleep. There are of course a number of parameters affecting the quality of your sleep. One important factor is your choice of bedding material and how it influences your body temperature during the night - hence, the overall quality of your sleep. PROSSIONI® offers three different weaves to counter all personal sleeping preferences. For the ones who tend to feel a bit warm, our Grand Hotel Percale provides you with a cool and crisp feeling throughout the night. Similarly, our Beach House Linen wraps you in an airy and smooth embrace, woven for ultimate breathability. If you’re gifting someone who on the other hand tends to sleep a bit chilly, our Boutique Hotel Sateen with its silky and luminous feel is the perfect choice.

For the Morning Person

Every family has someone who received the precious gift of being a morning person. For those who greet the sunrise with open arms, the Signature Hooded Robe is the ideal companion. The early hours of the morning is truly fundamental to setting the tone for the rest of your day. From the first sip of their morning coffee to preparing their briefcase with the necessities of the day, Signature Hooded Robe ensures they do so in unparalleled comfort. For the morning person, Signature Hooded Robe provides that extra sense of tranquility, reassuring a luxurious start of the day, every day.

For the Beauty Enthusiast

As the Beauty Enthusiast might know, a well-designed skincare routine holds more than just applying skincare products. With PROSSIONI® Boutique Hotel Sateen Pillowcases, you can give a sleeping experience that truly lives up to the expression ‘Beauty Sleep’. Applied with the innovative NordShield® Crisp™ technology and tested by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest®, the non-biocidal properties effectively reduce the growth of bacteria on the surface. By reducing the presence of acne-causing bacteria, PROSSIONI® Boutique Hotel Sateen Pillowcases gives you the maximum possible confidence when it comes to your skin. Another essential aspect of any beauty ritual is the practice of washing our face. Removing impurities is the very foundation of a conscious routine, and while washing your face with your hands might be effective, incorporating the PROSSIONI® Washcloth to the cleansing routine can truly change the game. From careful exfoliation to boosting the blood circulation, the Washcloth provides a spa-like experience while contributing to a healthy and radiant complexion.

For the Decorative and Interior Lover

For those who find joy in transforming a space into their own oasis and believe that it’s the details that make a home, our Signature Quilt Collection might just be the perfect gift. Produced with impeccable attention to detail, the collection features our Quilted Shams and Signature Quilted Coverlet crafted in our staple colors; PROSSIONI® White, Calacatta Gray and Moscato Beige. To cater to personal preferences, PROSSIONI® Shams and Coverlets can be purchased as individual pieces or luxurious sets. Each piece is stitched with a classic diamond pattern and gently filled to perfection, ensuring a textured and sharp look suitable for all seasons. The collection is produced from long-staple 100% organic cotton threads in our silky soft Boutique Hotel Sateen weave and applied with NordShield® Crisp™ technology for the ultimate clean, PROSSIONI® bedding finish.

For the One Who’s Always on the Run

We all know someone who always orders their coffee to-go with a schedule that leaves little room for relaxation. In the hectic world of today, taking time to unwind has never been more important. For the person living their life in the fast lane, the most thoughtful gift might be giving them a hand with something that unconsciously has been falling down on their own priority list; self-care. After a long day of hustling, there’s nothing like slipping into our Heritage Shawl Collar Robe. Embracing them in comfort and sophistication, this timeless piece will be an essential part of transporting them into their own oasis of serenity. To further build upon the spa-like, tranquil feeling of total relaxation, PROSSIONI® Boutique Hotel Terry Bath Towels offers the ultimate blend of luxury and practicality. The plush towels, weighing in at 555 grams, provide a lavish feel with silky loops and dries quickly while our NordShield® Crisp™ technology guarantees a clean sensation.

For the College Student

College life is an exciting journey of beginnings. For your loved one who’s moving out of their childhood home and into a life filled with new experiences, gifting has never been easier. From our high-quality Sheet Sets for a restful night of sleep to our Towel Set for a refreshing start of the day, PROSSIONI® combines the comfort and functionality needed to create their new home. Choosing between our Beach House Linen, Boutique Hotel Sateen and Grand Hotel Percale, we are proud to offer a Sheet Set for every sleeping preference. Moreover, Towel Sets in Boutique Hotel Terry (555 GMS) and Beach House Terry (355 GMS) are designed with various functionalities in mind. When purchasing a Sheet- or Towel Set, the bundle is saving you up to 15% off the total price. We believe there is nothing better than giving a gift that is being used and enjoyed - every day. Designed to stand the test of time, PROSSIONI® Sheet- and Towel Set will provide ultimate relaxation and practicality throughout their college years and beyond.

For the One Who ‘Has It All’ - Or Simply, Someone You Don’t Know That Well

We all know someone who claims to ‘have it all’. Hint: it’s usually the dads of the world. However, you shouldn’t lose sleep over finding the perfect gift. With a wide range of options - from the comfort of premium bedding to spa-like bath essentials for the bathroom - the PROSSIONI® Gift Card is a conscious way of providing quality over quantity. When treating your loved ones with a PROSSIONI® Gift Card, what you are actually giving them is the luxury of true comfort in whatever form they may desire. However, if you’re still determined to give something that he or she can start using right away, our Grand Hotel Percale Shams could be the perfect option. Crafted in premium organic cotton and designed with mitered corners and french seams, the shams might just convince the one who ‘has it all’ that there was in fact something missing; the luxurious feeling of a 5-star hotel in the comfort of your home.

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Progressive design & Innovative applications™Small Prossioni LogoProgressive design & Innovative applications™Small Prossioni LogoProgressive design & Innovative applications™Small Prossioni LogoProgressive design & Innovative applications™Small Prossioni LogoProgressive design & Innovative applications™Small Prossioni Logo