Sleep in Summer Bliss: Explore the PROSSIONI® Beach House Linen and Grand Hotel Percale Collections

As the temperature rises and the sun graces us with its warmth, it's time to reconsider our bedding choices for the summer season. While we may crack a window or kick a leg out from under the duvet cover, the best way to ensure restful sleep during warm summer nights is undoubtedly by selecting a bedding set specifically designed for higher temperatures. If you're searching for the perfect fabric that offers breathability, lightness, and a touch of luxury, look no further than our PROSSIONI® Beach House Linen bedding collection, crafted from the finest 100% EUROPEAN FLAX®. Alternatively, for those who prefer the comfort of sleeping in cotton, our Grand Hotel Percale provides a timeless sense of luxury, coolness, and crispness, ensuring a truly refreshing and breathable experience.

Lightweight and Airy: The Superpowers of European FLAX®

Linen, renowned for its exceptional breathability, is derived from the fibers of the flax plant. It has been treasured for centuries for its ability to keep you cool and fresh in hot weather. The unique structure of linen fibers facilitates the free flow of air, promoting ventilation and preventing the accumulation of heat and moisture. This inherent breathability makes linen an excellent choice for summer bedding.

At PROSSIONI®, we are dedicated to using only the finest available materials. That's why our Beach House Linen collection is crafted with EUROPEAN FLAX®, a material that not only aligns with our commitment to driving progressive change but is also highly favored by bedding enthusiasts. EUROPEAN FLAX® linen is distinguished by its lightweight and airy nature, making it an ideal option for bedding. It excels in regulating temperature, adapting to your body's needs, and creating an optimal sleep environment. With its natural thermal regulation properties, sleeping in EUROPEAN FLAX® linen bedding reduces restlessness and promotes a more rejuvenating slumber. It envelops you in a gentle embrace, providing a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

Crisp and Cool Comfort: Discover the PROSSIONI® Grand Hotel Percale Collection

If you lean towards the crispness and coolness of cotton, look no further than our Grand Hotel Percale. Meticulously crafted from high-quality, long-staple 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton threads, this bedding choice guarantees a gentle and cool sleeping experience, enveloping you in a sense of breathability that lasts. With its exceptional construction, the Grand Hotel Percale ensures durability and adds a touch of luxurious crispness to your bedroom.

PROSSIONI® x NordShield® Crisp™

We take great pride in being the pioneering brand that introduced and continues to incorporate NordShield® Crisp™ technology throughout our entire product range. With our Beach House Linen and Grand Hotel Percale collections, we guarantee a long-lasting clean and fresh sensation that stays with you until morning. Powered by NordShield® Crisp™ technology, our linens are applied with an invisible layer that interacts with odor molecules, effectively reducing unpleasant smells and maintaining the freshness of your bedding for an extended period. This revolutionary technology redefines the notion of cleanliness in bedding, ensuring a truly refreshing experience.

Premium Materials for a Progressive Mission

At PROSSIONI®, we prioritize the use of premium materials in innovative and progressive ways to benefit both the planet and our customers. That's why our Beach House Linen collection features EUROPEAN FLAX®, known for its sustainable and eco-friendly production practices that align perfectly with our values of responsible sourcing. Similarly, our Grand Hotel Percale collection incorporates 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton for a crisp and cool sleeping experience. With these choices, we provide the best possible comfort and elegance while at the same time, driving progressive change the PROSSIONI® way.

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