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Our Founder.

A short interview with our Founder & CEO.


You’ve been working with fashion and lifestyle products that consumers seem to love for many years now. For example you’ve done collaborations with brands such as Bally, Human Made and Undercover to name a few. On top of that, celebrities like Pharrell and Gwyneth Paltrow have worn your brand organically — what would you say is the secret to build a strong brand that attracts top tier brand collaborations and celebrities?


Superior products. The key to attract collaborations, which in turn get the celebrities to wear your brand organically, is to create something others find hard to replicate. Then, if you’re patient and stay true to your brand promise, other high-end brands will come knocking on your door.


Why did you start PROSSIONI® and what’s unique with your products?


I've always loved the feeling of snuggling into luxurious hotel bedding and getting wrapped in that fresh and ultra-soft sensation you don't typically experience at home. Given the time we spend at home and in bed, in particular, I thought it was about time someone brought that grand hotel feeling back home – and made it even better. That's exactly what PROSSIONI® does. Our products are designed to deliver that exquisite comfort and elegance, transforming everyday living into a five-star experience.


Finally, what would you suggest buying if you want to try out the brand for the first time?


If you want to get the true PROSSIONI® experience, I recommend starting with our signature bedding collection in Boutique Hotel Sateen. It’s our most popular bedding material, and for good reason – it feels better than sleeping in a 5-star hotel. If you want to try us out without spending too much, go for a bathrobe. My personal favorite is the Signature Hooded Robe, but the Heritage Shawl Collar Robe is also incredibly popular. Both are safe bets to elevate your morning routine.


Our Bathrobes

Wrap yourself in luxurious, clean PROSSIONI® bathrobes every day – leaving your skin, hair, and body feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Signature Robe Terry / X-Small / PROSSIONI® White, Signature Robe Terry / Small / PROSSIONI® White, Signature Robe Terry / Medium / PROSSIONI® White, Signature Robe Terry / Large / PROSSIONI® White, Signature Robe Terry / X-Large / PROSSIONI® White
Signature Hooded Robe Sale price$119.00 USD
Heritage Robe Terry / X-Small / PROSSIONI® White, Heritage Robe Terry / Small / PROSSIONI® White, Heritage Robe Terry / Medium / PROSSIONI® White, Heritage Robe Terry / Large / PROSSIONI® White, Heritage Robe Terry / X-Large / PROSSIONI® White
Heritage Shawl Collar Robe Sale price$119.00 USD
Short Description

Modern loose-fit, for unparalleled comfort.

Timeless elegance, at home.

For the One Who...

...wants something that marries style and comfort in perfect synergy.

...wants a classic silhouette that never goes out of trend.


3 Questions to, Our Founder.

How do you build a luxury brand? Why did you start PROSSIONI®? To find out, read the short interview with our founder.

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