What's NordShield® Crisp™?

NordShield®, with its powerful name, may evoke images of Viking warriors wielding a formidable weapon in battle. However, this innovative solution goes beyond conquering foes. We take pride in being the pioneering home and lifestyle brand introducing NordShield® Crisp™ technology, a groundbreaking advancement in the home and lifestyle industry. By applying an invisible layer that interacts with odor molecules, this technology effectively diminishes unpleasant smells and preserves the freshness of your bedding for an extended duration. With this state-of-the-art application, your home textiles will remain fresh, clean, and odor-free for prolonged periods of time.

But how does the complex science of NordShield® Crisp™ play into PROSSIONI®?

Apart from being the world's first brand to apply NordShield® to its entire product range, this progressive application has a story of its own within PROSSIONI®. In his own words, PROSSIONI® Founder Fredrik breaks down its origins, what it does, and why it’s the ethical choice for consumers.

Can you share with us your experience with NordShield® Crisp™ and how you came across this innovative approach to textiles?

Fredrik: As someone who works closely with people in the performance outdoor space and has researched extensively on antimicrobial solutions, I came across NordShield® and was immediately impressed. Compared to anti-odor silver, NordShield® non-biocidal anti-odor technology stands out as a competitor, providing equally effective performance applications while being 100% natural. This makes it a much better option for both people and the planet, and I'm excited to see how it can continue to be utilized in the future.

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NordShield® Crisp™

Your home is a place for recreation and pleasure. While textiles from other brands become unhygienic and unpleasant over time – make sure the textiles closest to your body are clean and fresh at home with PROSSIONI®.

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Apart from its obvious sustainability benefits, why is using NordShield® Crisp™ essential to PROSSIONI®?

Fredrik: For me, the importance of using NordShield® Crisp™ comes down to the simple desire for a clean and fresh environment in my home. When I first thought of extending this feeling into the bedding and bath linens, it just felt like a natural fit. Ultimately, I wanted to create something that I could deeply appreciate myself, and being tested by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest® I knew it was not only innovative but also safe and good for your skin.

Where does NordShield® Crisp™ contribute to the topic of ecological responsibility?

Fredrik: NordShield® Crisp™ is truly unique in that it is 100% natural and binds well with other natural fibers such as cotton and linen, which are the main materials that we work with at PROSSIONI®. In the field of sustainability and textiles, experts often stress the importance of a product's lifetime in reducing its impact on the environment. By applying NordShield® Crisp™ to our already high-quality and long-lasting products, we are able to extend their lifetime even further. This not only reduces waste but also minimizes our environmental footprint. It's a combination of natural fabric meeting natural magic, so to speak.

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