Care Guide

To prolong the life of your PROSSIONI® bedding, towels and bathrobes, it's important to take proper care of them. As a brand, we take responsibility for the textiles we create, which is why we've developed a care guide to help you care for your bedding in a gentle, sustainable, and enjoyable way.

The Basics

Our guide offers tips and advice on how to maintain the quality and appearance of your PROSSIONI® products, so you can continue to enjoy a clean and comfortable experience at home.


Even though all our collections are treated with NordShield® Crisp™ to reduce bad odor, it's advisable to wash your sheets, towles and bathrobes every month for optimal cleanliness and hygiene.


Opt for environmentally-friendly laundry products to protect your products and the planet. Non-toxic detergents work just as well as traditional ones but without the harmful chemicals and toxins. Bleach damages fabrics, while softeners can reduce breathability and moisture absorbency.


For added protection, make sure to wash your PROSSIONI® textiles with like colors and inside out.


To avoid snagging and damage, it's recommended to wash all your PROSSIONI® products separately from other fabrics.

The Specifics

Specific Care Guide

Please find the specific care guide for your product category and fabric below.

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