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Our Bedding, Explained.

When it comes to luxury bedding, what defines impeccable and premium quality? We might think of opulent materials and luxurious finishes á la Egyptian cotton or bedspreads with high thread counts, or maybe even cotton loomed by Himalayan monks. However, while these materials and descriptors certainly indicate superior quality, they do not necessarily define what luxury bedding actually is.

GOTS-Certified Organic Fairtrade Cotton

Materials that Matter

One of the key elements of top-quality bedding is the choice of materials and their sourcing. At PROSSIONI®, GOTS-certified organic Fairtrade cotton is our golden standard.

In laymans terms, organic cotton is grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms, making it environmentally friendly, while a Fairtrade certification ensures that farmers are paid fairly and supported in improving their practices.

A product that has GOTS certification, which sets standards for textile production, means that it’s been created with approved chemicals, upstanding workers' rights, and environmental conservation taken into account.

All of these factors result in extremely soft and durable bedding that's also socially responsible.

Below 40 or Above 60

A Closer Look at the Yarn

The quality of bedding heavily relies on the yarn used in its production. Yarn thickness, material type, and spinning technique are all contributing factors that determine the overall feel and durability of your bedding.

Yarn thickness is typically classified into four categories based on the length of a thread at 1 lb weight: 20S, 40S, 60S, and 80S. For top-grade bedding quality, you would opt for 60S or higher.

Yarn Quality or High Thread Count

What Really Matters?

Thread count can indicate quality to some extent, since good yarn is necessary for high thread counts. However, don't be fooled by thread counts of 800 or more, which typically result in overly thick and unventilated fabrics. Many manufacturers use multiple yarns to deceive customers, but according to our laboratory tests and studies, we found that anything over 400 thread counts results in a fabric that lacks breathability.

In our design process, we consider the size and thickness of the yarn used to be just as crucial as the thread count. To achieve a breathable, lightweight fabric with the luxury hotel feeling we promise, we exclusively use yarn with a size of 60S or higher and we only weave with single-ply yarn.

Percale vs. Sateen

Choosing the Weave

The type of weave used in your bedding is yet another crucial factor in its overall quality. Two popular options are percale and sateen, each with their unique features.

Percale is the ideal option for warm sleepers, and a summer favorite of ours.

On the other hand, sateen is a fabric that provides a smooth and opulent surface. Usually perfect for most sleepers, and our all-season favorite.

The decision between the two ultimately comes down to personal preferences.

Thoughtful Design

Meets Exceptional Quality

In the world of luxury bedding, achieving impeccable quality is more than just using fancy materials or a high thread count. It's a meticulous process that involves a combination of factors, including the choice of organic materials, yarn quality, thread count, and your ideal weave type.

At PROSSIONI®, we take great care in considering all of these elements and thoughtfully selecting each one to create a bedding collection that prioritizes comfort and sustainability. We firmly believe that these factors not only result in a better sleeping experience but also contribute towards building a better world for all.


Our Bedding Materials

Are you a cool or warm sleeper? Do you prefer a crisp, refreshing cotton finish or the smooth splendor of silk? We take your sleep seriously, and it all starts with choosing the right material for you. Discover the ideal sleep experience with our carefully selected bedding materials.

Short Description

Silky-soft, luminous sublimity.

Cool, crisp perfection.

Airy and smooth.

For the One Who...

...wants the softest hand-feel ever.

...wants the classic, crisp hotel experience.

...wants ultimate breathability and a relaxed natural feel.

When We Prefer It

This is our all-season favorite bedding material and it suits most sleepers.

Perfect for warm sleepers, and a summer favorite of ours.

When we're at the beach house, this is what we sleep in.