Who We Are

High-Quality Home Textiles, Redefined.

PROSSIONI® is a European home and lifestyle brand with a foundation in textiles. Our goal is to create progressive and innovative design, with impeccable quality that has a positive impact on your well-being. Guided by a timeless, made-to-last approach, we are passionate about bringing sustainable and affordable luxury to the forefront through functional products that seamlessly blend modern innovation and technology with traditional craftsmanship. All our products are designed in Europe and skillfully crafted by our co-founder's factory to meet our high-quality standards.

Lake Como, one of our favorite spots in Italy.

Our Founder

Introducing a Vision for Even Better Products

"I've always loved the feeling of staying in premium hotels. Snuggling into luxurious hotel bedding and getting wrapped in that fresh and ultra-soft sensation you don't typically experience at home is truly something special. Considering the amount of time you spend in your bed and the significant impact a good night's sleep can have on your health, it was high time someone brought that grand hotel feeling back home – and made it even better."

– Fredrik, our founder, working on a collaboration in Milan a few years back.

Our Heritage

"What do you mean by 'even better'?"

Pushing boundaries, still staying true to our heritage of premium textile manufacturing since the 60s. Let us welcome you to our world, where high-quality meets high-tech.

Fredrik, in a young age, visiting production partners with his family.

It’s Reinventing

Clean Comfort

The materials in closest contact with your body can significantly affect your well-being, health, and beauty. Regular bedding can become a breeding ground for a wide array of bacterial species, that may pose serious health concerns. However, with PROSSIONI® bedding, you can rest assured.

We take pride in leading the way as the world's first and only brand to incorporate NordShield® Crisp™ technology into our entire line of home textile products. This natural, invisible treatment effectively hinders bacterial growth, ensuring your textiles remain fresh, clean, and bacteria-free for an extended duration.

It’s Taking Real Steps

Towards Building a Sustainable World

We care about the planet and your well-being. The frequency of sheet washing significantly impacts our environmental footprint. Thanks to our unique NordShield® Crisp™ technology, your bed will stay fresh for longer, sparing excessive washing and, in turn, reducing our carbon footprint. In addition, we only use premium, ethically-sourced textiles that meet the strictest standards, including GOTS®, Fairtrade™, OEKO-TEX®, and European Flax® certifications. No intangible sustainable 'fluff' talk. We provide concrete evidence through the most rigorous certifications.

It’s Having a

Unique Approach

At PROSSIONI®, we do things differently. We take pride in operating under a made-to-order business model that enables us to minimize our environmental impact. By allowing our customers to determine when we use our planet's resources, we can eliminate overstock and reduce waste. Furthermore, thanks to our close-knit relationships with suppliers, we can offer you our unique, luxury products at unmatched prices.

Welcome to the world of PROSSIONI®.

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